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36" Drifters (over 1 million sold!)
3-R's Drifters are made with high quality 17lb Test monofilament (also available wire snelled), Mustad #4 and #6 gold hooks, custom painted blades, colored hexagonal beads and are tied to NOT release under any pressures or slack situations, whether drifting or trolling. These are excellent targets for walleye, smallmouth bass, and lake trout.

Crawler Harnesses
Our three hook harnesses for night crawlers are seen just about everywhere and with equidistant hook spacing help keep control for 'dancing' the worm in a natural fashion. Three bronze #4 Mustad hooks stay well hidden in the body of the worm. Our hammered copper, brass, or several chartreuse variations are very popular.

Perch Rigs
3-R's Perch Rigs are tangle free thanks to a heavy 20lb Test hard type line that maintains integrity of the hook and bait, therefore holding it's arc away from the main line. Perch Rigs are available in two styles; with a willow blade in 5 different colors and an 8mm beaded variety in 6 assorted colors. All are hand tied with #6 gold hooks. Excellent for perch, bluegill and other panfish in weeded conditions and for pier fishing.

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